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There are a great deal of variables that enter into choosing the most effective beard trimmer, as well as at the end of the day, the “finest” will still be subjective. This guide will help you choose the finest beard trimmer available, based on several variables like battery type, guard comb, blade kind and also even more. Having a top quality beard trimmer is necessary to maintaining and taming a wild beard, like going from Robin Williams in the initial Jumanji to Ben Affleck in Argo. A high quality beard trimmer must last for years, cut as opposed to pull hairs, be flexible, and most of all, make you look your ideal. Prior to we jump into the very best beard trimmer and trimmers, I feel it is very important to detail some of the vital functions you ought to take into consideration before purchasing.

Beard Trimmer versus Stubble Trimmer

The biggest distinction in between a beard trimmer as well as stubble trimmer is that beard trimmers have the ability to trim longer hairs along with trim stubble. Bristle trimmers on the other hand are constrained in their capabilities to cut longer hair.

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To rephrase, most beard trimmers are stubble trimmers, yet not all stubble trimmers are beard trimmers. Because getting one of the most value from acquisitions is important, I will concentrate specifically on beard trimmers, with one exemption. There is a hybrid in between a short beard trimmer, stubble trimmer as well as razor, which I will go into more information about below.

Cordless versus Corded

When it comes to your following beard trimmer, this is perhaps the very first concern you will certainly need to ask on your own. Would you like a trimmer that is tethered to the wall, providing an unlimited stream of power? Or would certainly you prefer a mobile, battery operated trimmer, unhampered and also totally free to relocate without a cable obstructing?

Usually, corded trimmers will give even more power than cordless battery powered trimmers. However, some cordless trimmers will still operate while plugged in.

Battery Types

Preferably, your beard trimmer will certainly have a lithium-ion battery, compared to the older nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Typically, lithium-ion batteries weigh less, hold a cost longer, do not experience the “memory effect”, and also tend to last longer than their NiMH equivalents.


You could expect a complete charge to last around one hr, with continual usage, on a lithium-ion powered trimmer. You could anticipate about 30 mins of continuous usage with a NiMH powered trimmer.


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